eggheads are smart people.

They eat fear and doubt for breakfast, and delight in self-determination for dessert. They aren’t afraid of the unknown, but rather are (eggcited) excited by it. An egghead tackles life head-on, because they know from experience that you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. But most importantly, an egghead knows that in order to have brain power, you need good brain food.

As a fellow egghead, I choose to live thoughtfully and intentionally - to fill each day doing what I love, and to share that love with the people around me. I choose to find fulfillment in creativity and community through the powerful goodness of specialty breakfast sandwiches, all carefully crafted to bring strength and cheer to the eggheads of the world.

I am Egghead, and we are crazy about breakfast food.

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Fantastic food - these guys know what they're doing. Perfect size, great price, awesome staff. Keep it up, Egghead!   ~Nick Toce
So delicious! Thank you for breakfast this morning. The siracha aioli puts a delicious twist on the typical bacon & egg croissant.   ~Alexandra Leigh
Absolutely delicious breakfast sandwich. Can't wait to have another! Thank you so much!   ~Jill Donaldson
Great guy, great sandwich, great experience! Thanks.   ~Oliver Smith

our menu

egghead offers a rotating menu based on seasonal ingredients
so you always have a reason to come back for more!